Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where Can I Be When It's Summer in the Winter at Year's End?

It's hard to believe how much time has flown by since I started this blog with all of one post.  Two weeks ago it was freezing in the mornings, a few early hours registered in the low 20 degrees even.  Winter had arrived!  We even had a few rainstorms!  And this weekend, a mere week before winter officially starts, the temperature soars above 80!!!  Mother Nature is severely confused!

In another three weeks it will be the next year... I am not ready!  Where did the time go?  There's so much more I wanted to get done!  Earlier this week I finally stopped denying that Christmas is just around the corner; even purchased a few small presents, some Christmas cards to write, and yesterday we bought a small tree!  I even finished decorating it today.  So the home is starting to look like the 'season' it's supposed to be.

Work keeps me busy even though business is slower than normal--the economy hasn't moved much in an upward direction yet in California--but there is always the paperwork.

Writing and reading take a lot of my afterwork hours.  Trying to tell people about the novel on and is interesting; I'm not good at self-promotion.  And I'm trying to finish three other novels--a lot more work than I anticipated.  Seems I'm never happy when I get on the proof-reading mode and spend more time re-writing what's already written and not adding enough new stuff.  But it's a big part of writing and it keeps me happy.

I'm also spending a little time on another very short fan-fiction.  Sometimes it's easier writing characters that someone else created than the ones you invent yourself.  It is a lot of fun, too.  And I enjoy the feedback on the different websites I've posted them. 

More next time... Hopefully, a lot sooner than the last post...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New in the neighborhood

Finally decided to get into the world of blogging as a way of doing some promoting for my writing.  I like, scratch that, I LOVE to write fiction, romance novels mostly.  I have one book, "The Right Price" that's actually for sale in the digital world thanks to some wonderful people at  I'm also working on finishing several other books. 

"The Right Price" is a passionate love story about a young man trying to deny a violent past as a way to cope with his everyday life.  It's also keeping him from getting close to anyone.  For a more detailed description here's a direct link:

I've also written some fan fiction because I was inspired by an awesome character, Chloe Sullivan, created by the "Smallville"
television show writers.  I might post them on this blog at some future date.  Right now they're posted at
 and also at two-of-us
under my username: Mari2Anne.

That's all for today as my first post in this new neighborhood.